Time To Tee Off And Raise Funds For The Cause You Care About!

Want to find a participating course?

To find a course near you and get started helping your cause raise funds.

How can I get my fundraiser involved?

Well it is very simple, the program is based on a collaboration between your group and a particpating golf course (read more...)

Need some help running your golf outing?

Download the Courses FORE Causes complimentary guide, "Hosting A Memorable Golf Outing". A great reference manual for golf outing chairperson!

In golf we know that every stroke we make is important...

With Courses FORE Causes every stroke we take can make a difference. Whatever your cause may be, Courses FORE Causes wants to eliminate the obstacles getting in the way of supporting your charity. Through signing up with us, you can easily coordinate your own small charitable golf group once a week. Just gather a group of friends, co-workers, or others with the same philanthropic drive, and we'll take care of the rest. Our Courses FORE Causes team wants to support you even beyond that 18th hole, which is why our participating courses will donate a portion of your fees to your predetermined cause.


Here Is How It Works

The courses that are involved with Courses FORE Causes are experts in hosting golf outings and assisting outing chairpersons in operating a smooth and enjoyable event. In addition, if you currently have a golf outing at one of the listed facilities you most likely have been offered the Courses FORE Causes program as and additional way to benefit your cause. The program is really quite simple. In coordination with Courses FORE Causes or the respective course contact:

  1. Your organization would establish a day of the week and window of time that you would like to have available for your group to book tee times.
  2. Your organization agrees to promote the day and the respective course in social media, emails, and/or any other promotional material that would benefit your cause.
  3. The golf facility will work with you in establishing a special rate for your organization on this weekly/monthly event.
  4. At the end of every month, the respective golf facility will make a donation to your organization based on a percentage of the fees within that time frame

That is it!  The goal is to create a win - win relationship between participating golf facilities and your cause.  Now, as with anything, there are some restrictions to protect your cause and the course, but hopefully you get the idea and can see the possibilities for your cause.  

If you do not see a course in your area, please contact us and we will approach a facility that brings the dedication and expertise consistent with the Courses FORE Causes mission.